LDG TRADING LLC-FZ is a UAE company dedicated to the worldwide commercialization of fertilizers and grains since 2024.

The shareholder has been working in the fertilizer market for the last 13 years by achieving a very good and strong knowledge of the international market.

Very well-known from all big supplier worldwide with an high and strong reputation, reliable with high presence in the Latin American market when I he has been developed the business relationship.

LDG TRADING LLC-FZ. adds value to the fertilizer supply chain by offering its fertilizers and grains trading services to producers, distributors, and importers alike. Using the knowledge acquired through years of experience in marketing, finance, transportation, and logistics.


In FERTILIZANTES TEPEYAC, we have the infrastructure for the reception, transportation, storage, and processing all the products used in the field.

Our national Mexican coverage, equipment, facilities, and logistics allow us to consistently have the lowest logistics costs anywhere in the national territory, which we translate into low prices for farmers in the field so that they can improve their position in the market. In this area, our main differentiators that translate into advantages for farmers and business partners are:


We receive fertilizer products in all ports of Mexico, up to 95 vessels a year with solid distribution logistics throughout the country.


This means a continuous supply throughout the year, ensuring our customers with low prices.


We have strategic operations and distribution centers in all ports of the Pacific and Atlantic coasts, such as Topolobampo, Manzanillo, Lazaro Cardenas, Tampico, Veracruz, Coatzacoalcos, etc. With storage capacities of up to 35,000 tons in each of them.


In almost all of our facilities, we have the infrastructure to process fertilizer blends according to farmer


Our logistics network includes railway facilities that allow us to make more efficient our product’s movements throughout the national territory. We have our own transportation company with which we ensure the supply of our products, both to our processing plants and to our final customers.


We have our own fleet of fertilizer application equipment for dry, soluble, liquid, and gaseous fertilizers, which allows us to provide our clients with a complete delivery service to their fields.


With more than 180 points of sale strategically distributed throughout the national territory, we serve the needs of the farmer in any region of Mexico and Colombia.
More than US$1.6B in annual sales, and more than 2 million tons sold per year, make us one of the leading companies in the fertilizer sector.
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